The couple decided to have a fourth little one, and in the end they now have 9

The Waldrop family is raising 9 cubs, while the mother has only given birth three times.

Now their youngest daughters Rivers, Rain and Rawlings and boys Lake, Blue and Tag are almost four years old. Their parents met in high school and after the wedding they both decided they wanted a big, friendly family with little ones who would fill the house with joy and little ones’ laughter.

But after the birth of her first child, Sailor, Courtney was unable to have a second child. Unfortunately, several pregnancies have been terminated by miscarriages. But the Waldrops haven’t given up hope of becoming parents again.

After a few years, they decided to seek medical help and went through the IVF procedure. As a result, two more sons, Wells and Bridge, were born. But for complete happiness, they still lacked a girl. When the youngest boys were five years old, the couple decided to try again for a daughter, but this time Courtney could not bear fruit. The 35-year-old parents once again turned to the breeding center.

In order to increase their chances of a successful pregnancy, six fertilized eggs were implanted in the expectant mother, which surprised the doctors when they all took root and began to develop fully. And although Eric and Courtney were somewhat excited, they happily accepted the news that they could become parents to several little ones.

The couple decided to have a fourth little one, and in the end they now have 9

By the way, the doctors immediately warned the spouses that it was too difficult for the future mother to carry so many embryos. Among the possible risks and pathologies, doctors indicated anemia, strong pressure on the heart and even a stroke, in addition, the risks of developing pathologies increased for the little ones.

Despite fears, the expectant parents have abandoned selective reduction, a method in which the number of fetuses is artificially reduced so that the others have a better chance of survival.

The couple decided to have a fourth little one, and in the end they now have 9

Courtney was very scared for the health of her unborn children and her own, as she already had three boys aged eight and five. However, the future parents did not dare to interrupt the lives of some of their little ones.

To reduce the risks, the woman went to conservation from the sixth month of pregnancy. She was asked to spend most of her time lying down so as not to induce premature labor.

On December 11, 2017, six healthy little ones were born into the family of Eric and Courtney Waldrop. The young mother was helped by an impressive team of several dozen doctors. The children were admitted by caesarean section.

Today, the parents of many little ones are absolutely happy, months of sleepless nights and almost continuous feeding are behind them. The little ones are healthy and their dream of a noisy and cheerful family has come true.

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