What are twins after 16?

Over 15 years ago there was a viral video on the web featuring a girl and her four little ones, laughing loudly and charging everyone with positivity. At the time of filming, the girls were under 3 years old.

It is known that the author of the video is the head of the family Steve Matthias. Then he just decided to record a video for the family chronicle, however, once it hit the web, a huge number of people watched it and it went viral.

Later, this video was recognized as the funniest home video, and the family received $25,000, which the parents spent on four daughters.

Anna, Grace, Emily and Mary are now 16 years old. They have become quite adults and each has found personal hobbies. One is interested in photography, the other wants to be a musician, and the other girls have tried the design and liked it.

Their characters are also very different, their outlook on life is also very different. They have many friends who adore them.

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