The blogger with the biggest mouth in the world has shared how she was bullied at school. Now she’s a star

Many people of the fair sex are complex because of their appearance. 31-year-old American Samantha Ramsdell was no exception: Because of her big mouth, she was bullied as a child. However, the girl managed to take advantage of the feature, which helped her set a world record.

In July, Ramsdell entered the Guinness Book of Records: she was able to open her mouth up to 6.5 cm! Almost 2 million subscribers follow the girl’s life on TikTok, and on Instagram their number (an extremist organization banned in Russia) exceeded 100,000. Samantha often posts funny videos and knows how to laugh at herself , But this has not always been the case. At school, a broad smile gave the girl a lot of trouble.

Ramsdell was harassed and came up with offensive nicknames for her. The unpleasant experience traumatized the blogger and made her complex, but she came to terms with her feelings.

“I managed to turn my biggest flaw into my biggest asset. I never thought it would turn out like this,” she admitted.

Now Samantha hopes that by her example she can inspire people with an unusual appearance.

“Take pride in your features and make them your greatest asset. It’s your superpower that sets you apart from everyone else,” she added to The Sun.

The blogger wants people to accept themselves as they are. She was once hurt by her classmates’ attacks, but now Ramsdell is calm about enemies: she’s learned to love enemies, wish them the best, and move on.

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