This dog can’t believe his eyes when he sees who is standing in the doorway

Sofie, a beautiful German Shepherd, and her dad Austin have been best friends since Sofie was a little pup.

“She loves him so much,” said Ally Ross, Sofie’s mother.

But this year, Sofie and Austin have had to spend a lot of time apart because of their personal circumstances.

Austin belongs to the United States. Armed Forces and received a call-up earlier this year for a six-month deployment. Unfortunately, that meant he would have to interrupt his usual schedule to have fun and love Sofie.

Sofie was unable to really understand him.

“After he left, she was always going to our room and looking for him,” Ross said.

Luckily, Austin wouldn’t be gone for good.

Austin was able to return home last month after completing his mission. Ross made the decision to capture the moment he knocked on Sofie’s door to surprise her.

The dog was about to experience fullness once again.

Sofie could hardly believe her eyes when the door opened.

Sofie’s shock quickly gave way to an outpouring of love and excitement. It was a reflection of what Sofie’s mind yearned to experience each day Austin was gone.

“Oh, I really cried!” said Ross.

His dad came back. Now their family is whole again.

It’s back to normal for Austin and Sofie now that he’s back, and that’s wonderful.

“Now that he’s home, they’re doing errands and adventures together,” Ross said. “Best friends for sure.”

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