Kate Winslet’s daughter is Rose’s copy of ‘Titanic’

Kate Winslet’s daughter turns out to be a copy of Rose from Titanic.

Director James Cameron doesn’t even need to find an actress for his remake of the cult film Titanic. His muse, Kate Winslet, has a daughter who is a perfect match for her star mother.

Mia Tripleton managed to appear in several films where her parents shone. One of them was the family TV movie I Am Loose. Viewers immediately began comparing mother and daughter.

Not only because they are both great actresses, but also because they look alike.

Mia, 22, is a beautiful Hollywood actress. Same blond hair, dark gray eyes, cupid’s ribbon prominent above his upper lip. You can’t take your eyes off her!

Young Rose seems to have caught his eye and is ready to pose for Jack again on the ship of fate. It remains only to find the right partner for this beauty.

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