A girl who was mocked by her peers has changed beyond recognition

Student Breanna Bond is the butt of teasing from classmates and others. Indeed, she weighed 110 kg in the first year and 190 kg in the fourth year.

It wasn’t due to hormonal imbalance or disease, but something much simpler. Her parents liked to spoil her with sweets, chocolate, cookies and bread, and she ate fast food several times a week.

When their 10-year-old daughter weighed over 80 kg, her parents panicked. Breanna was taken to the hospital. Tests revealed that the girl’s obesity was not due to a disease, but to a diet that was too heavy and sugary. The girl was put on a special diet.

Breanna was a swimmer and volleyball player. Of course it was difficult for her, she was unlucky, very tired and angry at her parents who treated her this way.

However, her perseverance and will still helped her. The student lost 34 kg.

The bullying and teasing stopped and she was able to achieve a lot in sports.

Now 14, Bryna has regained the weight and helps others in need.

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