A young family has won a snow-white mansion in the lottery.

The woman has won a house worth £5million for just $13.

Ben and Becca Pott, who recently became parents to a daughter, won the lottery for a snow-white mansion in Ascot. The woman bought the lucky £10 ticket in January. She now owns a £3.5million luxury home.

Ben Pott never gave up trying to win something in the lottery, but he probably wasn’t lucky enough. This year he forgot to participate, but this wife thought she just couldn’t miss the great opportunity.

The Potts lived in an ordinary house in east London with their neighbours. Becca recently became a mother – her baby is eight months old. The woman has been on maternity leave since the summer of 2021, and her husband is an accountant.

And so the Omaze host came to the couple and asked them to solve the puzzle. “You won the grand prize at Ascot”.

They wept happily when the company announced that they were the winners of the main prize. And the keys to the luxurious white mansion were given to their little girl.

Little did Ben and Becca know their daughter would be celebrating her first birthday in a gorgeous home with five bedrooms, four bathrooms, stylish furnishings, a porch and a garden.

The family wandered around their new home in Ascot, the venue for the annual royal races.

Becca said their flat in London was cramped and there was no room for her parents to stay when they came to visit, but now they can reserve a floor for that.

Potters can sell or rent their house if they wish. However, Omaze considers taxes and miscellaneous expenses when awarding such a prize and gave them $27,000 in cash for a housewarming party.

“This victory has really brought a change in our lives,” the admiring couple say, “and we are sure that our daughter will not need anything in her entire life.”

£500,000 from ticket sales went to Cancer Research UK, the UK’s leading cancer research charity.

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