Billionaires vacation: Bezos and his lover were filmed at a seaside resort

Jeff Bezos, 57, and his mistress, Lauren Sanchez, 52, have made frequent red carpet appearances this year. Their last outing even turned into an adventure. After the ceremony, a video surfaced on Twitter showing Bezos’ girlfriend flirting so sincerely with Leo backstage and staring at him so adoringly that she seemed ready to cheat on Bezos at the time.

Meanwhile, the billionaire himself stands nearby, but everyone seems to have forgotten about him at this point.

Besides, some people think that Jeff will never forgive that. But, apparently, the embarrassment was well forgotten and Sanchez and Bezos flew to the Caribbean for a break. Instead, the paparazzi filmed the couple vacationing on the beach.

Netizens started discussing Lauren’s looks and figure again. Many did not understand why Bezos chose her as his partner and even divorced his wife for a new romance. According to them, one of the richest men on the planet could date any actress or supermodel.

But apparently, Sanchez has what these leggy young beauties lack.

Jeff and Lauren have been together for two years and it’s clear that the romance of their relationship hasn’t faded. See other examples of famous men who have been in love with their partners for years and are far from role models here.

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