A man has been friends with a bear for 25 years

Just imagine that 67-year-old Marc Dumas from the Canadian city has a very unusual 362-pound friend with whom he can swim for hours in a special pool and not be afraid of anything. The thing is, that friend is a polar bear named Agee.

With Agee, who turned 23 this year, not only Mark is friends, but also his wife Dawn. The bear treats her spouses with tenderness – she plays with them, kisses them and hugs them.

Mark and Dawn are professional animal trainers with 40 years of experience training their own for big budget commercials and movies.

If you’ve ever seen the 1995 movie Alaska, you’ve probably seen Agee, who was just a few weeks old when filming took place.

A man has been friends with a bear for 25 years

“Agee has lived with me all her life. She is still there and I intend to be with her for the rest of her life or mine. Usually, in captivity, bears live around 30 to 35 years, and our Agee is only 23,” Mark said.

For all these years, a true friendship has developed between the bear and Mark. It was her, along with the lack of fear of polar bears, that helped Mark raise Agee properly.

A man has been friends with a bear for 25 years

“My bear can’t complain about his life. She lives well. She doesn’t need to hunt, all the food is of excellent quality, we bring her. Therefore, it does not need to climb ice floes in search of prey,” Mark said.

Over the years, Mark has thoroughly studied all of his friend’s habits and facial expressions, and always knows exactly when Agee is upset or upset about something.

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