The owners had abandoned the little puppy at a gas station

The volunteer girl found an abandoned puppy at the gas station. We will tell the story of Novi, a dog who was lucky enough to meet kindness.

The girl noticed the broken box at the back of the gas station. Inside she found a crying and frightened baby, it was immediately obvious that he was emaciated and dehydrated.

The girl approached station staff to find out how long the pup had been there, but they were only surprised to learn that a crate was nearby. The girl put the crate in the car and decided to take the puppy home because it was already late.

First, she carefully bathed the cub and fed him. He was very hungry, it seems he had been locked up for about two days. There was a note on the box saying the puppy’s name is Toshka, she is vaccinated, she eats everything, but she prefers bread and chicken bones.

The post’s author explained that he adopted a corgi-like pup from the shelter, but soon realized he wasn’t a purebred. The “owner” attempted to bring the puppy back to the shelter, but it was refused. She also considered euthanizing the unwanted animal, but luckily the procedure seemed too expensive.

The owners had abandoned the little puppy at a gas station

The next day, the girl went to the veterinary clinic with the kitten. His assumptions that the cub was very small were confirmed. The specialist confirmed that the baby had been separated from his mother too early. Apparently his mother arrived at the shelter pregnant, so the puppies were separated as soon as the opportunity arose.

The owners had abandoned the little puppy at a gas station

Research has shown that the baby is completely healthy, needing only improved nutrition and nurturing hands.
The same day, the volunteer delivered her kitten to the animal shelter. Here he was well received and named Novi after one of the active volunteers.

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