Abandoned Puppy With Chair And TV Thought His Owner Would Come Back For Him

In the midst of all the scattered and illegally dumped household goods, a hopeful little heart was trying so hard not to break. He was a puppy, unaware that he too had been abandoned.

On Monday morning, animal control officer Sharon Norton saw the tragic scene on a quiet road in Lincoln County, Mississippi.

She immediately went to the scene. There she found the puppy dead on a chair, with a TV left nearby. The pup was hungry, but apparently didn’t move, thinking the person who left him behind would surely return.

“He’s been there about a week,” Norton said, “I think. He’s skin and bones.” Norton approached the poor dog and assured him that She gave him his first meal in days. For a pup who had been praying for a long time that his master wouldn’t come back, it was an instant relief to know he had someone who truly cared about him.

“When I picked him up and put him in the animal control vehicle, he was so happy.” Norton said. We can see its tail tapping on its back. He knows he’s safe now. Norton was then vaccinated, dewormed and placed in the Brookhaven Animal Rescue League shelter in Mississippi.

Norton says that, sadly, this isn’t the worst case of abandonment she’s ever seen. However, she is optimistic and believes that by making the case public, justice will be served.

“We hope someone notices this pup and recliner and sends a message to help us find the culprits.

Anyone with information about this case is asked to contact her through Sharon Norton’s Shelter Facebook group.

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