The fate of the 610 kg man who was allowed to lose weight by a king. how it is now

Khalid Shaari from Saudi Arabia suddenly shot to fame in 2013. At the time, the 22-year-old was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as “the heaviest man in the world”. Khalid’s record weight was 610kg, which he couldn’t fit through the door and he hadn’t left his apartment for several years.

Without King Abdullah Al Saud of Saudi Arabia, no one knows how long he would have been there. When he discovered that a 610 kg record holder lived in this kingdom, he decided to help him get rid of his extra pounds. He also paid the full cost of his treatment.

However, the journey to the clinic in Riyadh was not easy for Khalid.

It took a whole team of loaders, fitters, doctors and construction workers to transport the 610kg boy to the clinic. Specialists dismantled part of the building’s wall and used a forklift to lower the specially designed bed on which Khalid slept.

It was thus discovered that Khalid’s obesity was not only due to overeating and malnutrition, but also to a genetic anomaly that had to be corrected as soon as possible.

And with the help of several specialists working together, he managed to lose almost 400 kg in three years. He is now able to move independently and do the exercises necessary to lose weight.

Khalid Shaari is now 31 years old, weighs about 72 kg, plays sports and leads a healthy lifestyle. This man is ready to do anything to keep his record unbroken. In any case, not with his weight record.

Khalid is very grateful to Abdallah Al Saud for giving him a ticket to a new life. Sadly, King passed away in 2015 and couldn’t see the end of his weight loss.

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