A delicious beauty. Monica Bellucci’s 18-year-old daughter posed candidly for Vogue

The girl from Kassel simply had no other way than to become a world-famous artist or model. Always because her parents are one of the most beautiful women of our time, Monica Bellucci and the charismatic French actor Vincent Cassel.

The girl chose a modeling career, and by the age of 18 she had already achieved significant success in this field. The young celebrity has already managed to take part in advertising shows of such famous brands as Dior and Dolce & Gabbana, as well as decorate the covers of the most popular fashion magazines in the world. Despite her age, Deva Kassel is already one of the most sought-after models. In a short time, she managed to conquer everyone with her innate elegance, simplicity and grace.

Recently, the model took part in a photo shoot for the latest issue of Vogue France. The beauty wowed fans as she appeared on gloss pages in incredibly spicy images. Virgo posted several photos on his Instagram page. In the first photo, Kassel poses in a knitted dress with multi-colored horizontal stripes in the style of the Italian fashion house Missoni, and in the second – in a little black dress with a low neckline and high leather boots. In the photos, the daughter of Bellucci and Kassel appeared with her characteristic calm and mysterious expression, and the loose hair only added spice to the photo.

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