Popular 91-year-old model reveals photos from her youth

At 91, despite her advanced age, Carmen Delorefice is still a popular and recognized model. She had her own chance as a model at fourteen. Carmen did a photoshoot for Vogue. Since that date, she has charmed most journalists with her great beauty.

Indeed, our protagonist was born into a family of ballerinas and violinists. They lived a poor life. When her parents divorced, the girl went to live with her mother. The mother wanted her daughter to be a dancer and signed her up for ballet.

She was often taken to task by her parents as she disliked her daughter’s appearance and was strict and sometimes rude. Carmen was the tallest and thinnest of her classmates and was not popular with boys, so she considered herself unattractive.

Sometimes she had to live in a boarding house for months because she had no money. She dreamed of becoming a ballerina, but rheumatism made this impossible.

Nevertheless, Carmen achieved a lot and started her modeling career at the age of 14. In 1947, her photo made the cover of Vogue magazine.

This celebrity had a difficult childhood. She and her mother didn’t have many amenities in life and were always short of money. Once, she pawned her sewing machine to pay the rent. It took a whole month to increase the electricity bill. With such experience, this woman knew how to appreciate money and life.

In 78, she saw Norman Parkinson and returned to the fashion world. She took on this role of model after the birth of her daughter and the failure of her marriage.

In most cases, women try to hide age-related changes in appearance. However, Carmen did not rejuvenate or color her hair, but bleached it to accentuate its silver color. In 1987, she was again in the hot seat.

Furthermore, Carmen has written a book about her experiences, entitled “To Be Beautiful: secrets and secrets from 40 years of modeling”.

Indeed, I realize that age is not an obstacle for her. She is magnificent.

Now, just like when she was younger, she takes part in fashion shows and advertising campaigns. Carmen broke the stereotype that 30s is the “upper limit” of modeling.

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