Skinny Meghan Markle in a wedding dress is out – it’s impossible to take your eyes off her

Meghan Markle is still trying to prove she’s as good as her rival Kate Middleton.

The former Hollywood actress never misses an opportunity to show her superiority, even after becoming a member of the royal family. She started to smile in public and behave politely while showing her elegance.

However, the Duchess of Sussex tried as hard as she could to outdo the popular British Kate Middleton, but she didn’t succeed. Indeed, despite her good intentions, Meghan has repeatedly breached royal protocol and engaged in disputes. According to the public, such behavior is not unique to the royal family.

One of the world’s most famous couples attended a reception in New York. Prince Harry wore a classic black suit with a white shirt.

The dress, open at the neck and split down the middle, showcased Meghan Markle’s graceful figure and showed off the former Force Majeure star’s weight loss. Prince Harry’s wife wrinkled her face and puffed out her collarbones.

Television was quick to talk about the scandalous couple’s new look, including the image of Meghan Markle.

For the past month, rumors of their divorce have been surprisingly frequent. It’s possible the former actress gave them this outlet to let them know that their new life has already begun.

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