“Rapunzel with 2 meters of hair”: what a woman looks like who hasn’t cut or washed her hair for 20 years

The name of our unusual heroine is Francesca.

Even in her youth, she fell in love with long hair. Indeed, as a child, she so loved watching a cartoon about a princess with infinitely long hair. The thought of such a hairstyle did not leave her.

And since childhood, she firmly decided that she wanted to fulfill her dream. The girl refused to go to the hairdresser. But, this hair needs care, and it’s far from cheap.

After her twentieth birthday, she decided not to wash her hair. It seems impossible. At first it was difficult to accept girls, because the hairstyle looked unkempt.

But after a while, that feeling went away. Currently, a woman just uses a comb and collects her hair in different hairstyles. And why do you need such long hair?

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