Woman gives birth to twins conceived a week apart

Marley Mokwena, 25, gave birth to twins Asher and Adar, conceived a week apart.

Marley Mokwena and her husband Tebogo were surprised to learn during an early ultrasound that they had twins. Not only did they find out they had two children, but the doctor also told the surprised couple that the twins were conceived a week apart.

Tebogo, 31, remembers: “The doctor told us that one baby was 14 weeks old and the other 13 weeks old. We just couldn’t believe it, we only went to find out about sex, thinking we would have a little one.

Hearing not only that we would have twins, but that they were conceived a week apart was a big surprise. The difference in weeks was a complete surprise, we were speechless.

We didn’t know much about it at the time, and when we got home, we did our own research. »

A phenomenon called superfetation means that two little ones can be conceived separately but grow together in the womb.

Tebogo says, “It’s actually more common in animals, it’s extremely rare in humans. »

Woman gives birth to twins conceived a week apart

When born at 37 weeks, the cubs weighed 2.8 kg and 2.9 kg. “We don’t know which of our boys was conceived first, but they are definitely very different,” Tebogo explained.

Marley said: “Adar started walking at eight months, and Asher a bit later, and even now he can walk, but still prefers not to. Asher started talking much earlier. Asher is very thin and Adar looks plumper, but they weigh the same. »

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