Woman saves runover ‘dog’ – but creature turns out to be completely different than she thought

Good intentions can sometimes lead to big surprises.

The vast majority of animal friends are keen to try to help as best they can if an animal were to get hurt.

Whatever the situation we find ourselves in, we stop and try to find out who owns the runaway or injured cat, rabbit or dog.

This is exactly what happened to a young woman in Mexico, reports the Mirror

Witness to a traffic accident

She was on the roads when she suddenly saw that the car in front of her had hit an animal, but instead of stopping, people just kept going.

Being the animal lover that she is, Andrea acted quickly and took care of the injured “dog” immediately.

She called for help and rushed to the vet to treat her new friend. Along the way, her feelings and empathy for him grew.

Photo: Twitter/ @andreaathie

Huddled in the car

In an attempt to comfort him, she sat down, and tried to hug the “dog”.

But once they got to the vet, she was in total shock.

It wasn’t a dog she found, but a coyote.

Named Panchos

However, that didn’t change the fact that she wanted to help him and that she had strong feelings for this animal.

“He wasn’t aggressive. He let us take care of him, but we knew he was a wild animal that couldn’t live with us,” she told the Mirror.

Photo: Twitter/ @andreaathie

Unfortunately, Pancho’s internal injuries, as Andrea called him, were very serious.

I guess it happened for a reason

The vets did everything in their power, but in the end Andrea had to say goodbye to the coyote.

Although Pancho did not survive, she is grateful to have been able to meet him.

“Pancho came to demonstrate the importance of helping those in need, with small actions you can change a lot of things and Pancho showed it. Right now, that’s exactly what we humans need to do — help each other, do that good deed without looking too closely,” she tells the site.

What a big heart you have, Andrea!

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