Jennifer Lopez showed off her cute figure in a sports suit

A few days ago, the singer was again talked about on the internet, but this time not because of her music or her performance, but because of her posts on social media.

In the photo, we see J-Lo, who is in great shape despite his advanced age. In the photo, she is wearing a form-fitting pink tracksuit and her hair is tied back in a luxurious ponytail.

Jennifer also posted a video of herself working out. The star has repeatedly said that she enjoys working out in the gym, while closely monitoring her figure and following a strict diet.

This time, the Hollywood star is promoting Body Armor energy drink. While posing, Lopez showed off her sexy butt in a close-up photo.

The popularity and visibility of the Hollywood star prompt various brands of clothing, cosmetics and body care to use him in their advertising campaigns.

Previously, Jennifer Lopez posted a romantic video with her boyfriend! A very special moment. You will find other news, funny videos and spicy photos from the world of actors on TikTok and Telegram channels.

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