How does the boy who was born with only 267 grams live?

Sometimes it happens that some babies, for some reason, are in a hurry to be born. They are born prematurely for various reasons. Their body is not always fully formed at this time and can function independently. Therefore, these children are treated by a large number of doctors for a very long time. That’s what happened to this boy.

Riusuke was the smallest newborn in the world. When he was born in one of the maternity hospitals in Tokyo, his weight was only 268 grams, and his height reached only 22 centimeters. For a newborn, these parameters are essential. Doctors could not even guarantee the survival of a boy born at the 24th week of gestation.

The boy was immediately placed in an incubator where he was to remain until his weight stabilized. The doctors did their best, but Riusuke’s mother also played an important role. When tube feeding became obsolete, the woman regularly expressed her milk and gave it to the doctors. She did her best not to be nervous, so as not to run out of milk.

This period was very difficult for a loving mother. The newborn son spent almost six months in the hospital. During all this time, the woman did not have the opportunity to meet her son, because hospital regulations strictly prohibited any visits.

Even a dear and sincerely loving person could bring dirt to the baby, which would lead to death due to the weakness of the body. The child had to be under medical supervision 24 hours a day and in perfect sterility. It gave him a chance to survive. Gradually the boy gained the desired weight. When he was discharged from the hospital and handed over to his beloved mother, he had already reached three kilograms and two hundred grams. This weight is typical of tall, healthy babies.

Now Ryusuke is a full-fledged child who develops like all other children his age. All difficulties for this baby belong to the past. His life is safe.

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