“Living doll” grew up: what the girl looks like today, shocking the world with perfect beauty

A few years ago, the beauty of little Amaya Jade was sweeping through social media. Her mother, Stephanie, noticed early on that her daughter had very long eyelashes. She began to actively share photos of the baby on social networks. Commentators were divided: some believed that Amaya had won the genetic lottery, others accused Stephanie of forgery, believing that she had stuck false eyelashes on the baby.

The woman denied all such speculation. Soon, Amaya had already received the unspoken web nickname “living doll.” It was this appearance that the girl had, whose long eyelashes on her face were in harmony with plump cheeks and lips.

“Living doll” grew up: what a girl looks like today, shocking the world with perfect beauty
During these 4 years, Amaya has matured. Her appearance has started to change – now she doesn’t seem like a doll like in early childhood, although her looks are still mesmerizing. It is already clear that in adolescence she will become a real beautiful adult girl. Also, the family now has a rival Amaya – Stephanie’s youngest daughter is growing up.

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