The 19-year-old blogger showed off his 76-year-old wife and announced that they were soon to have a baby

Giuseppe D’Anna is a quite famous blogger and tiktoker in Italy. The young man is only 19 years old. He gained even more popularity when he showed his wife. It was a 76-year-old woman named Marianne. The couple met not so long ago, in May of this year Giuseppe decided to get married. He proposed to his beloved, and Marianne accepted.

Giuseppe does not hide his beloved. She often appears in his videos. Internet users do not believe in the sincerity of these relations. Like, all for the sake of Haifa, for the sake of great views. But the blogger assures that their love is real, they are a family with Marianna.

And recently, Giuseppe was surprised by the news: his wife is pregnant. And it’s no joke, the blogger posts a video with his pregnant wife, kissing her belly. Tiktoker is in seventh heaven. He even revealed the sex of the unborn child: the couple are expecting a girl.

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