The flamboyant Salvia: how a weird girl looks in normal life

Thanks to social media, we also have the opportunity to see obsessive eccentrics. These people amaze us with their stunning transformations and photos. Today I will talk about a girl called Sasha. She often posts pictures of herself online, which are so bold and almost cosmic. Some people don’t dare look at it. No one knows Salvia’s real name.

It is also unknown if it is a woman. It is suspected that her gender has changed. Salvia says she would like to be described as Middlesex. She is not comfortable with the male body, but is also not attracted to women. Therefore, there are speculations that she is actually someone who wants to change herself that way.

Many customers have noticed that his arms don’t look like women’s. Looking at the numerous photos of Salvia on social networks, it is possible to determine that she likes the genderless creatures that she represents. It has about 500,000 registered users on Instagram.

This indicates that she has followers. Why has her life changed so much? Sharvia herself explains that she saw a reality TV show where men dressed as women. It inspired her. She realized that everyone has the right to be whoever they want. And she didn’t have to think about what the people around her would say.

Of course, Salvia did not require plastic surgery. All her makeup is meticulous and neat. She usually spends two to four hours in front of the mirror.

The blogger is a normal blonde girl. Salvia now runs her own Instagram where she interacts with her followers and participates in photo shoots.

Due to her popularity, she received many invitations to fashion shows in major European cities.

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