There’s No Hiding: Jennifer Aniston Explains Why She’s Childless

Hollywood star Jennifer Aniston is tired of dodging questions about not having kids. She’s been tormented by reporters, fans and other well-wishers for years.

Ms. Aniston wore the legendary Chanel micro bikini on the cover of the new issue of Allure magazine, simultaneously exposing her soul to readers.

Jennifer has long been a “tea drinker” and even decided that her divorce from Brad Pitt was because he wanted children but his wife refused to give them. But today, the star decided to speak out on behalf of many women who were tactlessly asked questions.

“I’m trying to get pregnant. Conceiving a child has been a difficult journey for me. For years, years, years, years… it was really hard. I did IVF, I drank Chinese tea, everything. I gave everything. If someone said to me: “Freeze your eggs”, I would do anything. It is for my good.” You don’t have that kind of mindset. And we are here today. The ship sailed”.

Apparently, the actress never considered the option of surrogacy: six years ago, the press announced that Aniston was looking for a surrogate mother, but it was only gossip. Now she even says she is relieved. She is at an age where she is tormented by the urge to choose and cannot discover the attraction of a childless life. The actress gave it her all.

“I do not regret it. In fact, I’m even a little relieved that I no longer have any doubts. I can ? I guess I could have. Maybe. Maybe.” I don’t need to think about it anymore.”

Jennifer also denies breaking up with Brad Pitt because they didn’t have kids. She claims there were very different reasons for this, one of which was to focus on her career.

There is no more reason to hide. Jennifer Aniston explains why she has no children.

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