These in-laws have such a daughter What does David Bowie and Iman’s heiress look like?

David Bowie is a true legend in the music world. Despite the fact that the artist left our world, millions of people love him. And his colleagues admire him. David Bowie and model Iman’s love story is an inspiration to fans. They were perhaps one of the most beautiful couples. The lovers got married in 1992. They had been dreaming of a child for a very long time.

However, their dream came true only after 8 years of marriage. A beautiful girl was born, who received the name Lexi. Parents did not often show a photo of their daughter. They did everything to ensure that Lexi had a normal and happy childhood. Maybe that’s why she didn’t follow in her parents’ footsteps.

Lexi did not connect her life with either modeling or music. She is studying art theory at university. Today, Lexi is 22 years old. She leads a normal student life. David Bowie’s daughter inherited her father’s charisma and her mother’s rare beauty. Lexi took the best from her parents. Impossible to take your eyes off this bewitching beauty.

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