New photos of Thylane Blondeau – a model who called herself the most beautiful girl in the world

The French Thylane Blondeau climbed for the first time on the podium at the age of 4 years. At the age of 6, she was called the most beautiful child in the world. What does a girl who just turned 20 look like and what does she do?

Let’s take a look at the new photos of the beauty!

The Frenchwoman’s modeling career began when she was 4 years old. Dad and mom Thylane in every way encouraged their daughter’s desire to be in the spotlight and sent her to modeling school at an early age, for which they were criticized more than once.

The little beauty did not go unnoticed, and already at the age of 6 she received the unspoken title of the most beautiful girl in the world, and at the age of 10 she posed for the cover of the Vogue magazine.

In 2015, when Thylane was 14, she signed a contract with D&G, becoming the youngest model in the brand’s history, and at 17, Blondeau was officially honored to be the face and ambassador of the company, the ambassador of Le Real Paris.

In April 2021, Thylane turned 20. She still works as a model and has starred in commercials for expensive and world famous brands.

With age, Blondeau has not lost her appeal and continues to be incredibly in demand in the fashion world.

Recently, a famous French woman underwent surgery to remove an ovarian cyst. Speaking about her experience, Thylane shared that for a long time they couldn’t come up with a correct diagnosis for her. The girl urged all women to undergo regular medical examinations and monitor their health.

In difficult times, Thylane Blondeau is supported by her young man. For several years, the famous model has been dating the son of Anglo-French actress Charlotte Gainsbourg. Ben Attal, 24, followed in his mother’s footsteps and also became an actor.

Ben and Thylane are a very beautiful couple! I would like to believe that they will be happy together and that Blondeau’s health problems will not affect her ability to give birth to her beloved son or daughter!

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