A rabbit took in her newborn kittens, cared for them and replaced their mother

Lydia Sergeevna, a pensioner, had a very nice cat called Murka, whom she loved very much. Although she was not a purebred cat, her attractive color and bright green eyes attracted everyone who looked at her at least once. Murka was a very sweet and friendly cat, always nice to everyone and she had an excellent behavior.

In addition to her incredible beauty, our fluffy heroine had a wonderful ability to catch mice. Murka was loved by all and was often spoiled with treats, but she always came back to her owner. Recently, the cat became a mother and hid her babies in the attic.

But unfortunately Murka was run over by a car and died. Lydia started wondering what she was going to do with the newborn kittens, whose eyes haven’t even opened yet.

Unexpectedly, the woman’s neighbor suggested leaving the kittens with their mother rabbit, who had also just given birth. Unaware of the ruse, the mother rabbit happily accepted the kittens as her own and replaced the dead mother cat.

Thanks to the mother rabbit, the kittens grew up and became as strong and beautiful as Murka.

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