miracle quadruplets born in 2017 will go to school

In 2017, British pediatricians performed a miracle by delivering four identical twins born 11 weeks early.

The babies born after IVF weighed only 0.9 kg and spent two months in the hospital. And today three brothers and a sister go to school! This is an important step that their parents dared not dream of.

Their names are Roman, Austin, Arlo and Reya. They live in Winchester, Hampshire, and their mother had to shell out a pretty penny to buy school uniforms for each.

I think she did it happily – just look at how grown-up and smart these little ones look. Also strong and healthy.

Time flew by so quickly! And now it’s time to go to school, following the older sister (in total, their parents Selina and Kevin Thorbett-Ash have five little ones). Selina is 31 years old and a nurse.

“It seems like only five minutes ago we found out we were expecting quadruplets. I like when they are there, she said. Now we will have madness in the morning, but in this house it will always be…

How time flies: miracle quadruplets born in 2017 will go to school

Fortunately, all of our little ones have been placed in the same school and the class is small, so their voice will definitely make a difference. »

They are all very happy to go to school, they are not worried at all. I worry about their teachers,” Selina adds.

According to her, she’s spent £600 on school uniforms alone and has so far bought 20 polo shirts, 15 trousers, eight jumpers, five skirts and four sets of sports uniforms – and that’s only half the list … Well, nothing, his own burden does not pull.

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