The mother of triplets gave birth to triplets again.

These parents miraculously gave birth to triplets, although the mother was unable to conceive babies for several years. It was seven years ago.

Imagine how surprised they were when they found out the woman was pregnant again! But when doctors and expectant parents saw the ultrasound results, they couldn’t believe their eyes!

Courtney and Philip Garrett of New Orleans have been hoping for babies since their wedding. However, things didn’t go as well as they wanted. They tried for years to conceive a small one, but to no avail.

“It’s very hard to hear that you can’t conceive a little one,” Courtney said in an interview with WWL-TV. The couple decided to resort to artificial conception and used in vitro fertilization.

The mother of triplets gave birth to triplets again.

Courtney was able to get pregnant, and not one, but three at a time. After years of infertility, triplets Oliver, Jack and Ellie are born. Seven years later, the couple decided to have another little one and an ultrasound revealed they would have triplets again!

“I couldn’t believe it was possible,” exclaimed Courtney. The ultrasound baffled the doctor and the parents.

The mother of triplets gave birth to triplets again.

It turns out Kourtney got pregnant both artificially and naturally in the same month. “We were just thrilled! Courtney said. “I didn’t think it was possible, but I was very happy. The amazing news was announced to the three little Garretts on their seventh birthday.

However, eight months later Oliver, Jack and Ellie saw their sisters Wells, Vivienne and Georgie.

The mother of triplets gave birth to triplets again.

Three more little ones forced the Garrett family to look for a bigger home. Father Philip Garrett posted an ad for the sale of the house on Facebook and wrote: “Never thought I would have to move but six little ones just won’t fit in here. All that remains is to wish them good luck!

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