True Love Can Survive the Difficult Times: The Story of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson

There is a saying that a true friend is one who knows misery, not joy. The same can be said of family relationships. Only true love can overcome the difficulties and adversities of life. And the union of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson is the proof!

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson met on the set of the television series Buddy Buddy in 1981. Although they quickly became friendly, their relationship did not develop at first, because the actor was then married to Samantha Lewis, whom he had been dating since high school.

In 1984, Tom and Rita had a fateful reunion on the set of the movie Volunteers. An affair began between the lovers, who already had uncontrollable feelings for each other, but they were able to hide their relationship for two years. It wasn’t until 1986 that the public discovered that Hanks and Wilson were a couple.

Fortunately, in 2017, Tom Hanks was able to publicly announce that his wife had been cured of cancer and her life was no longer threatened by the dangerous disease. Rita Wilson, meanwhile, never fails to thank her husband for his support and presence by her side 24/7 in the most difficult times.

Stories like this teach us that true love is a force that can withstand the toughest odds: Together for more than 30 years, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, 65, still enjoy each other’s company and are proud of the accomplishments of their adult children.

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