The ideal of female beauty: the paparazzi showed the woman from Kassel on vacation

In 2018, the wedding of Vincent Cassel and a young model took place. In fact, the French actor swapped Monica Bellucci for Tina Kunaki, who is 31 years younger than the actor. Despite the impressive age difference, the couple managed to build a strong family and become parents of a wonderful baby named Amazoni.

The other day, the paparazzi managed to capture the 25-year-old Kunaki on vacation. “As if she had never given birth”, “Luxurious woman”, “Ideal of feminine beauty”, “I have not seen a more beautiful woman”, “Statuette”, “Vincent was lucky with the women: Bellucci, Kunaki”, “Then Young. What did she find in Kassel?

“And grandfather is in demand among the beauties”, “Goddess”, “It is impossible to look away from this beauty”, I read in the comments under the paparazzi photos. What do you say? Kunaki is beautiful, isn’t she?

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