Trainer Lost 75 Pounds To Become A Hometown Star – How Is He Today?

The man from Tyumen didn’t always have an athletic physique, he got it through hard work.

Andrei Sharafutdinov began to actively engage in sports at the age of 20. He took up powerlifting and quickly started putting on muscle mass. At the same time, the number on the scale has increased. It’s not enough to lift heavy weights and bars – you also need a lot of body weight.

Sharafutdinov’s weight increased incredibly fast, and he soon reached 144 kilograms. He ate sweets, fast foods, salads with mayonnaise – not the healthiest food.

These meals are not without consequences, and it is above all his health that suffers. At one point, Andrei noticed that he was out of breath, and under the stress he even began to choke. This moment made him realize that he had to review his diet.

During the first three months, Mr. Sharafutdinov kept straying, because he was used to eating a lot. He then set a goal not to overeat, but even that was difficult.

Several times he tried to give up the idea of ​​​​losing weight, but after a while he managed to rebuild his body. From then on, everything went much more smoothly. The most important rule that the athlete must start following is the calorie deficit. It’s the only way to lose weight.

Andrey started counting calories and burning them by doing cardio every day. And no hard training or jogging. Just an hour uphill walk.

The athlete also reviewed his cooking methods. Sunflower oil and other trans fats completely disappeared from his diet, and he started cooking or baking all of his foods. The sugar was replaced by an artificial sweetener and the coffee by chicory.

By dint of self-control and willpower, Sharafutdinov managed to lose 70 kilograms and regain his health. Today, the athlete feels much better without this “extra baggage”, but he does not stick to strict dietary restrictions, and sometimes allows himself to relax and eat something good. The most important thing is to eat in moderation!

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