The 275kg reality star got married in a provocative wedding outfit

Sisters Tammy and Emmy Slayton are the stars of the popular American reality TV show “1000 Pound Sisters” about two girls with fatal obesity.

Today, the sisters are 34 and 35 respectively. A few years ago, girls agreed to broadcast their daily lives on the television screens of millions of people in the hope of losing weight and starting to live fully.

For three seasons, the girls struggled with themselves and their addictions. The most successful of the sisters became Amy: she copes well with weight loss and claims to have undergone surgery.

At the time of filming, Amy weighed about 185 kilograms (from which she had already lost about 50), and Tammy – 275. Unlike her sister, she, on the contrary, recovered, and her weight approached three hundred kilograms. Of course, Tammy’s health suddenly deteriorated and she was transferred to a medical rehabilitation facility in Ohio that specializes in treating obese patients.

She still works at the clinic on weight loss and obesity-related breathing difficulties. Nevertheless, Tammy does not lose her zest for life. On her social networks, she regularly posts funny videos, informs her fans about her state of health and assures her subscribers that she is fine.

It was at the rehab center that Tammy met her fiancé, Caleb Willingham. This meeting marked the beginning of the girl’s first relationship in life, which did not begin with an online acquaintance. The guy proposed to her in the hospital parking lot, and they’ve already been married at the same medical facility where they met.

“They have a lot of the same issues that they can share with each other. They have become a huge support for each other. It’s incredible,” say the couple’s friends.

The ceremony turned out to be modest, only the closest ones were present. Including the bride’s sister, Amy, who, thanks to weight loss, has already managed to get married and even give birth to a baby.

In the wedding photos, Tammy is seen in a sleeveless white wedding dress holding a bouquet of sunflowers, while the groom wears a dark shirt with brown suspenders. Amy also attended her sister’s small wedding ceremony.

By the way, the fourth season of the show begins in early 2023. Reality TV producers report that it will show the birth of the couple Tammy and Caleb’s relationship and Amy’s second pregnancy.

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