“Baby, I can’t stop staring at your legs!” Jennifer Lopez wowed her fans in a teal mini-short”.

Jennifer Lopez showed off her stylish Christmas look. The singer attended the family celebration in a cute mini dress.

The “On The Floor” singer has been spending time with her loved ones. Jennifer is raising twins Max and Emmy. The artist spent Christmas with his family. She showed off the look she chose for the festivities. The stripper star stepped out in a stunning outfit.

Jennifer wore a turquoise mini dress with a white collar and cuffs. The outfit was printed with small red ribbons and the pointed collar was embroidered with flowers. The ruffles at the waist emphasize the slender figure of Ms. Lopes. The pop diva showed off her long legs. She wore platform shoes with red laces.

Marc Anthony’s ex-wife wore her hair tied up high. She made up with luminous eye shadow and matte burgundy lipstick. The Hollywood diva completed her look with white flower earrings.

Lopez was photographed in a domestic setting. She posed near a decorated Christmas tree. On the tree hangs a toy the color of a star costume. In his back, there is a fireplace. On another occasion, the craftsman photographed a festive table. It was served with fresh green and burgundy flowers. Jennifer smirked at the camera.

Many compliments were received from fans. However, some pointed out that they had not seen Ben in the singer’s photos for a long time. Tell me the secret of eternal youth”, “Where is Ben?” “Pretty dress !” “You look great, you look like a high school teenager”, “You look gorgeous”. You are always beautiful”, “You touched me a lot this year by sharing special moments with me”, “The homemade food is wonderful”. Just like you. That’s how it should be,” “Honey, don’t take your eyes off your feet!” . – Crazy people talk.

A few days ago, Jennifer and Ben threw a party for some famous friends. Among them are Hollywood celebrities such as Billie Eilish and Kim Kardashian. Everyone present got a surprise. The couple sang John Legend’s Christmas, and were beaten on Christmas Eve. The actors were accompanied by voice coach Stevie McKee. Ms. Lopez and Mr. Affleck looked at each other lovingly and wowed the audience and users.

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