Singer Cher received a marriage proposal from her lover, who is 40 years younger than her

The Grammy winner had an affair with 36-year-old Alexander Edwards three months ago. Despite the criticism, Cher is not bothered by the age difference with her lover. The artist made it clear that this relationship has moved to a new stage.

Hit singer Strong Enough has posted a romantic photo. The pop diva showed off a box containing a luxurious diamond ring, which was held in the hands of her boyfriend. “Alexander, I have no words. I posted this because her manicure is so cool,” Cher shared.

Fans of the artist are vigorously discussing this news. “40 years of difference. I wonder how long it will last? She should conclude a prenuptial agreement”, “She has just lost her mother, this relationship has become a consolation for her”, “While she looks happy”, “Congratulations! Be happy”, “The secret of her youth is a hot young boyfriend”, “Oh my God! He proposed to you?” users wrote.

The pop star spoke about the relationship with a young lover. According to Cher, the age difference only looks weird “on paper.” The ‘Burlesque’ star has allowed herself to open up to new feelings. Cher confessed that next to Alexander she felt like a teenager.

Recently, the singer experienced a personal drama. On December 11, her mother died. The elderly woman suffered from various illnesses.

Cher showed up in great shape. The artist in an outfit with a neckline and a deep slit caused a sensation at the fashion award.

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