The puppy, abandoned at the airport, was eventually adopted by the pilot who found him

A passenger arriving at San Francisco airport from China had brought a small puppy with him and he did not have the necessary documents to transport his animal on the next leg of their journey to New York.

The Polaris puppy, a six-month-old German shepherd, left the airport after a long legal battle, with the United pilot bringing the dog home.
The puppy could not travel with its original owner, as there was a risk of rabies infection.

China is on the list of countries that cannot bring puppies into the United States without proper documentation, due to the high risk of rabies infection in that country. William, who adopted the dog, said: “I just hope we can take care of him at least half as well as United’s airport staff.

“All the staff said to me, ‘You better take care of him… otherwise’.
Instead of dealing with the paperwork, the previous owner seemed too eager to keep the dog, and considered sending him back to China or leaving him at the San Francisco airport.

Neither seemed appropriate, as it would have led to the pup falling asleep.

The airport manager added: “More than 50 staff members visited him. He has definitely become a celebrity with us. I’ll miss him.”
Driver William Dale talks about how lucky he is to have a puppy: “I thought his story was amazing, but I can’t imagine life without him.”

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