Grandma’s face and lots of wrinkles: Paparazzi photos make you gasp at the sight of Madonna

Madonna by hook or by crook is trying to stay young and outrageous in the spring. However, this is appropriate when you are a young girl and not a 64-year-old grandmother. But age does not stop the American star, she tries until the end to be bright and surprising. Moreover, retouching in her gouged way to show beauty and charm, she does not want to show wrinkles, creases and other delicacies of adulthood.

But no matter how hard you try, the paparazzi still exist. The other day there was a party in honor of the presentation of his book. Madonna came in her favorite fishnet tights, lace corset and extravagant hairstyle.

But the face of the star was not at all the one she shows on social networks. Wrinkles, bumps and other delights can be seen in the photo without treatment. That’s what social media means – everything is perfect and beautiful.

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