The farmer looked into the duck’s nest, oh what he saw surprised him!

This story took place in Adelaide, Australia, on a farm. A farmer was making his rounds in the morning and observed a duck that had recently started laying eggs.

The farmer was shocked, there was a furry animal sleeping in the duck’s nest… He took the little animal out to examine it. The little thing turned out to be a baby brush-tailed opossum (aka cousin of the fox). Nobody knows how he got to the duck’s nest, but he was warm under the duck’s wing all night.

The duck may have brought the little one to him, mistaking him for her chick, or his mother may have put him in the duck’s nest to hide him. Maybe the little one was left alone and was looking for warmth…

They named her Daisy and gave her to an animal shelter. They’ll feed her there until she’s stronger. Later, she will be released into the wild.

Daisy is now at the shelter, where she has a new friend, the same little abandoned opossum, but a boy. Shelter workers praised the duck for taking the baby under his wing and keeping him warm all night.

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