An ordinary grandfather: The paparazzi caught 73-year-old Richard Gere on vacation with his wife.

Richard Gere is one of Hollywood’s most iconic actors. He has made many Hollywood films in which he has become an emblematic figure.

Female fans considered Gere a benchmark for masculinity and attractiveness. He is a charismatic actor who has captivated several women. Today, the female favorite is already 73 years old.

Of course, the years have taken their toll. Gere is no longer the handsome, slim character he once was. He has wrinkles, gray hair and a beer belly.

The actor has become an ordinary old man. Today, it’s hard to recognize him as the most handsome Hollywood man he once was.

Richard Gere himself, however, quietly embraced his old age. He does not run after young people.

He doesn’t need cosmetic injections or plastic surgery. Today, the 73-year-old actor is enjoying life alongside his young and beautiful wife.

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