Famous singer Keith Urban granted a young woman’s last wish by offering her a tender serenade: it’s so touching!

A 25-year-old young woman, Marissa, had an incredible moment of joy before she died.

She was born with several health issues, including fluid in her brain and cysts.

However, in addition to her numerous diagnoses, she was a true fan of the famous singer and musician Keith Urban.

His eternal dream was to meet his favorite Keith Urban at a real show.

The desire was strong and pure, and in a last ditch effort, she managed to get tickets to her concert.

Even though she wasn’t sure she could attend, Marissa bought them anyway.

She was sure she could travel to Toledo, Ohio to see her favorite singer in concert.

However, her health suddenly changed and she was unable to attend the concert.

The girl was so ill it was heartbreaking to think that this might be her last chance to see her icon, and I felt sorry for her.

The nurses couldn’t stand seeing Marissa like this, so they sent a letter.

Urban, with a big heart, changed all his plans to visit Marissa.

At the time, the girl was admitted to the hospital and was thrilled when Urban walked in and greeted her.

As she said herself, it was the happiest day of her life.

The singer performed “Blue Ain’t Your Colour” for her and called her his “best fan”.

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