Shoppers boycotted the store after the cat was kicked out

With his attitude and indifferent expression, this cat was known to sit at the checkout and greet customers at the door of the store. However, store employees decided it was inappropriate for a cat to be in a grocery store.

In the British city of Norwich, an amazing story took place, the main character of which was a cat named Pumpkin. Fluffy went to the local store as if he was going to work and delighted customers with his presence.

It could be found among the shelves, at the checkout or near the entrance. At first, no one hunted camelina, but then the management decided that the animal had no place among the products.

When buyers found out about this, they were extremely outraged, as they had already fallen in love with the cat. People demanded Pumpkin’s return and even went on the local news!

Shoppers boycotted the store after the cat was kicked out

The store management could not resist such pressure and allowed the cat to resume his position and charm customers. A cat named Pumpkin spent all his time in a store near his home.

Six-year-old Pamkin left home early in the morning straight to the local store. He enjoyed walking around the counter and interacting with customers. The Pumpkin owner said he rarely saw his cat before the store closed.

Shoppers boycotted the store after the cat was kicked out

Fluffy constantly disappeared there and very rarely looked at his home. The cat turned out to be so affectionate that he often jumped into strangers’ cars.

People loved him, but the store management decided the animal didn’t belong here.

They argued that the cat should not be near the products, and some sellers complained that it interferes with their work. The redhead spat on all the prohibitions and still returned to his favorite place.

Shoppers boycotted the store after the cat was kicked out

Affected people wrote a petition for Pumpkin to be allowed to come to the store, and this story was also carried on the local news. As a result, the document was signed by 2,000 people, and then management reconsidered.

The ginger cat has gathered a whole army of fans who have earned him a place in his favorite store. For this, he continues to please them with his presence and helps to make purchases. This is what mutual love looks like!

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