The girls fell in love with Johnny Depp’s son What does the actor’s 20-year-old heir look like?

Johnny Depp continues to be one of the best and most charismatic actors in modern cinema.

Many followed his personal life when it came to court.

However, the actor was able to handle the situation by keeping his head held high. Moreover, the court acquitted him.

However, this time we won’t talk about how his career changed after so many years.

Few now know what his own son looks like. Although Depp’s daughter is a public figure, the young man has remained behind the screens.

Depp’s heir, Jack, rarely tries to share his photos on his personal blog with netizens.

However, this did not prevent her from winning the hearts of fair female representatives.

The girls note in the comments that Jack is getting more handsome every year.

They fear that the guy does not want to go into show business, because they see great potential in him.

It’s hard to argue that Jack looks just like his star dad.

The heir prefers to curl his long hair and wear hats. Remind anyone?

A star career may be waiting for him. In the meantime, Jack goes about his daily business and does not seek to follow in his father’s footsteps.

“What a handsome guy”, “I’m going to fall in love with him right now”, “Wow, how similar to Johnny Depp”, “Girls, hold me”, “What a handsome man!”, “Very attractive,” “Charismatic and attractive heir, only such an heir could prove to be a father,” netizens noted in the comments.

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