The Japanese allowed children to play with fire

It is much better for the little ones to develop freely than to remain captive to senseless prohibitions, decided the creators of the Hanegi children’s amusement park in Tokyo.

In this park, the little ones can do everything: hammer nails, light fires and even cut firewood with a real saw.

Parents also like this idea: according to them, by playing in the Khanegi park, the little ones learn to face the dangers of everyday life.

The Japanese allowed children to play with fire

Hanegi Toddler Amusement Park in Tokyo has been called a “place where health and safety is forgotten” as little ones are allowed to play with knives, jump off roofs, light fires and do lots of other dangerous activities, according to strict educators.

Its creators believe that it is better for the little ones to play freely than to be bound hand and foot by prohibitions. Here the little ones are allowed to pick up saws, nails and hammers.

Here, the slides and climbing frames are assembled by the petirs themselves – the park visitors. Signs are hung next to them, informing visitors that they participate in the games only at their own risk.

The Japanese allowed children to play with fire

Parents find visits to the park to be useful learning experiences. “Of course, the little ones hurt themselves slightly,” said one of the visiting mums. But it’s a way for them to learn. »

The little ones in the park can make their own boards with nails. At the same time, no one stands above his soul and tries to snatch the instrument from his hands.

The Japanese allowed children to play with fire

The little ones jump from the huts and ride on slides made by previous visitors. In places where the little ones jump from the roofs, old mattresses are laid – so they always think about safety here.

The youngest visitors take the opportunity to swing on the swing without insurance. The main rule of the park: you can climb on any object you see.

Bonfires are lit throughout the park – they are lit by the little ones themselves, both to cook on and just for fun.

The Japanese allowed children to play with fire

You can climb on the roof of the house, but there is no ladder: you have to climb the boards, look for support. If you succeed, you’ll feel like you’re floating above the world!

In the park you can also indulge in your favorite children’s activities without restriction – playing in the mud and climbing trees.

Japanese parents believe that the experience of such games is useful for the little ones: they learn to be independent and master the skills of working with simple tools.

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