Paparazzi photographed Hawn, 77, who showed off her body in a bathing suit while on vacation

Goldie Hawn, 77, has given netizens a reason to gossip. Paparazzi captured Goldie in a bodysuit on vacation, alarming the public. Many Internet users believe that, they say, it is not worth it for an elderly woman to appear in public in this form. Hawn fans were quick to support the beauty in the comments.

“Why show old knees? Women over 50 shouldn’t be shown like that”, “What do you think she should look like at 77?”, “Goldie is perfectly preserved”, “I’m 60 and I don’t don’t appear in public like that. Not ashamed of that old woman? Or is the law not written for actresses?

“In my opinion, everything has its time”, “A beautiful woman. Don’t forget his age, ”users write in the comments under the paparazzi photos. We have something to discuss. Join the discussion on this topic in the comments below this article.

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