She went under the surgeon’s knife because of her father. What does Gérard Depardieu’s daughter look like now?

Today Julie Depardieu is considered one of the most famous actresses in France. She has participated in many films and series and has won several professional awards. At the same time, all these years the artist diligently denied his relationship with Gerard Depardieu and even decided on a serious operation to get rid of the resemblance to him.

The fact is that from childhood Gerard did not pay attention to his heirs: his son Guillaume and daughter Julie. The children were left to fend for themselves, and the older brother ended up almost replacing little Julie’s father. This caused many complexes related to appearance, because the future artist did not like Gerard’s big nose that she had. She didn’t want to become an actress, so as not to look anything like the famous artist.

The complexes increasingly prevented the celebrity from living, so Guillaume gave him a very generous gift for his 20th birthday. The older brother paid for his sister’s plastic surgery, thanks to which she changed the shape of her nose. However, the future star achieved the desired result, which was far from immediate: it took her up to five operations.

After that, she goes into the cinema and begins to develop her career. However, in almost all interviews, journalists tried to find out how much the famous father helped her and contributed to her success. Julie herself admits that the famous surname only brought her a lot of trouble.

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