“Remembering Robin Williams: 20 Days Before His Passing – A Touching Photo Tribute”

Actor Robin Williams has played many iconic roles in movies. He was an incredibly talented and gifted actor. More than one generation grew up thanks to his films. Fans knew the actor would give them many more interesting roles, as he was only 63 years old. So far he has acted in more than 100 films.

On his social networks, the actor posted a funny photo with a monkey. It was the actor’s birthday. Nothing boded trouble. The picture amused the fans, in the comments they did only the best for him. No one would have thought that this shot would be the last for the actor.

Twenty days later, the actor died. News of the death of a beloved actor shocked people. It’s just amazing. In addition, it became known that the actor died voluntarily. Fans didn’t understand the reason. He was a rich and successful man, he had a loving wife and children. However, no one could have imagined that the actor had progressive dementia. He couldn’t take care of himself. His body surrendered to disease.

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