There Was a Feeling: Here’s What Richard Gere and Julia Roberts Really Had in Common

It was believed for a time that Julia Roberts and Richard Gere were in a relationship. The actors looked so harmonious on screen that the audience didn’t stand a chance.

They were sure: the on-screen lovers were going to have a relationship. But it turned out to be a little different.

Keele and Roberts appear together twice in the film. “Pretty Woman”, “Runaway Bride” – in these cult films they play lovers.

Off-screen, the stars also have a passionate relationship that is constantly rumored. The actress reportedly had feelings for her partner, but the two were destined not to share them.

“I was quite young and he was the kind of person who could make a big impression. All mystery, calm, trust and assurance.

I tried to catch his attention with some insignificant stuff to impress him, of course I wasn’t expecting anything, but I was greeted with such indifference! I think that’s a good example.

It’s as if he saw nothing around him. Of course, I was offended. But now I realize he just didn’t mean to offend me and it was easier for him to pretend nothing was happening,” Julia Roberts quoted Culturology as saying.

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