She is an ordinary pretty girl in the photo, but just look at her figure and you will understand why she is incredibly popular

This sweet girl has become incredibly popular thanks to her hard work on herself. It’s about her that we can say – she made herself!

Courtney Taylor was born in the small town of Midland, Texas. At the age of 7, the girl moved to Austin, where she grew up. At 18, Courtney left to conquer Los Angeles.

Today she is very popular, her Instagram page has more than a million subscribers, the girl starred in several commercials and clips. It’s thanks to her look…

Courtney’s friends and loved ones were always supportive when she took up the sport – they were all the happier for it. After moving to Los Angeles, the girl went to the gym, she dreamed of participating in bodybuilding competitions.

In 2016, she participated in the prestigious NPC West Coast Classic. Courtney came in third. But already in 2017 the girl returned and became a winner.

The girl immediately became popular. She has acted in films such as “The Lying Game”, “American Psychologist” and “Rampage”.

In her microblog, the girl wrote that to get her forms, part of genetics was needed, part of proper nutrition and training, and to all this add a pinch of right angle for the Photo.

In the life of this beauty, a guy has already appeared, whom she calls “a real knight”.

Courtney learned to use everything nature gave her. She works on herself, adheres to proper nutrition and exercises regularly. Well done! An example of how to achieve success in life is to set a goal and work towards it!

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