“Unbelievable Love Story: Man Marries Triplets Who Refused to Be Apart! 💕”

Recently, a man from Congo rose to world fame, marrying triplets who agreed to share one man for three, just never to part.

Recently, a 32-year-old Congolese named Luviso celebrated a stunning wedding, which made international headlines thanks to not one, not two, but three wives at once – Natasha Natalie and Nadega. Media reports that Luviso first met Natalie on social media and fell in love with her.

A man married triplets who didn't want to be separated

However, Natalie’s two sisters tricked him into thinking he was only dating his girlfriend. He supposedly couldn’t tell the identical triplets apart, and eventually all three sisters fell in love with him. When it finally turned out that there were three of them and everyone wanted to marry him, he just couldn’t refuse.

“At first, when we told him he had to marry all of us, he was shocked. But since he has already fallen in love with all of us, nothing could interfere with our plans because we were in love with him too, Natalie told AfriMax. “Although people think that three wives cannot share a husband, we have been used to sharing everything since childhood. »

A man married triplets who didn't want to be separated

The triplets always thought only marriage could separate them, but when they fell in love with Luviso, they realized they could share him, just like everyone else. And despite the fact that at first Luviso was stunned, he did not give up on the idea.

“I almost passed out,” Luviso said. “I asked them, ‘Which one of you is Natalie?’ They told me that I met them all on different days when I visited them. I was confused because I planned to marry Natalie, but I was confused that I couldn’t marry one of the girls and leave the other two.

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