Jolie and Pitt’s most famous girl cut her hair and wore micro-shorts: “It gives you goosebumps”.

The daughter of heiress Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt and the first sibling they have in common was stubborn and stubborn as a child. She demanded to dress like a boy, cut her hair short and behaved in a way that was quite unusual for a Hollywood princess.

It’s surprising that Jolie’s strict parenting methods and difficult personality allowed for such antics on White’s part. However, it is true that from an early age the girl decides on her appearance, outfit and behavior.

But Angelina may have been right to ignore her daughter’s escapades: As a teenager, White suddenly changed her image and began to shine alongside her famous mother on the red carpet. She seems to have blossomed, becoming more feminine and very beautiful.

And now, judging by the latest paparazzi photos, something has happened to Shilo again. In new photos that have made the rounds on the networks, the 16-year-old star’s heiress looks very scary.

First, she wears her hair almost bare – a very short “hedgehog”. Second, her mini-shorts are back in a sloppy cut that would be embarrassing to trash. And thirdly, netizens began to talk about the sad and somewhat lost appearance of the girl.

Some speculate that Shylo is getting back in the saddle because of her famous parents. Not long ago, Jolie once again covered Pitt’s tracks and sued him. And White loves his dad more than any other Brad and Angelina child and gets along great with him.

Pitt’s new romance may have added fuel to the fire. It’s no secret that he is dating Ines Lamont, 29, who works as a trainer. Rumor has it that the actor is considering becoming a father again.

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